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Gulf of Sidra University

Gulf of Sidra University is a newly established university. The university is expected to have a great role in the region of Sidra Gulf which considered the land of Libyan oil. The region urgently needs such institution to achieve scientific and cultural growth for society.

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Our Faculties

The Presidential Council of Libya issued Decree No. 1284 for the year 2017 regarding the establishment of Gulf of Sidra University, GSU.The decree included 18 colleges in different disciplines, such as humanities, applied and medical sciences.Currently, the study has been started in the following faculties .


Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences has many departments including: Chemistry and Information Technology (IT) . The Faculty intends to add some new departments.

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Faculty of Engineering

As other Libyan faculties, Faculty of Engineering has a general section. It requires two semesters, then the specialization stage begins. The college started with electrical engineering department.

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Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics consists of two departments: Business Administration, and Finance and Banking. There is a suggestion to add a political science department.

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Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education consists of seven departments: Chemistry , Biology , Mathematics , Educational Management and Planning , Arabic Language , English Language and Psychology. It is expected to add new educational departments soon.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

The study system in the Faculty of Health Sciences includes two stages. The first stage is general and it covers the first and second years. The second phase is specialized and contains the third and fourth years.

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Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts includes various departments including: history, Arabic language and media. There is a suggestion to add the geography section to the need for such specialties in the region of Sidra Gulf.

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Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is one of the important faculties at Gulf of Sidra University. The Faculty aims to: prepare specialized legal teams, and to stimulate their intellectual abilities and creative talents in the field of legal sciences.

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Gulf of Sidra University

Our society growing with our students Join Us

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Faculity Members
GSU Front Gate

Dear administration, staff, students and others.
During this academic year 2018/2019, our goal is to build seven faculties as part of (GSU). The planned faculties include Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Art and Faculty of Law. The other faculties will be built within the next 5 years.
We are moving by short steps on the right way better than running on the wrong way.

Dr. Prof. Ibrahim Gaidan Abobaker

President, Gulf of Sidra University (GSU)

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